1. Jason

    This is a really useful read Kerryanne so thanks for sharing. Like many others, I too get worried as my mother lives on her own and is not as stable as she once was. She’s also somewhat stubborn and her independence is particularly important to her so I can see this as being a nice aid for her as well as giving me some piece of mind. It would seem that I’ve now sorted out a birthday gift come this November. Nice one – Jason.

    • Hi Jason, yeah, it may be just the right thing to purchase. It certainly will fill two needs with one deed-your Mom can go on living independently and you would have your peace of mind. And, as I wrote, SureSafe Personal Alarm has some really good features and is very affordable. Happy Birthday to your Mom in November!
      All the best,

  2. Hey,

    This is a really informative article. My parents are in their 70’s and I live in a different city to them. They are healthy people at present, but if their health was to decline in the future then I would consider advising that we purchase this alarm. It is a device that will help them to get in touch with their loved ones really quickly, and will inform their loved ones a lot quicker too.

    If I do end up purchasing one or two in the future, then I will let you know. I my even give my own review of them.

    Thank you for sharing such an important article and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    • Thank you so much for your very kind words, it is always a pleasure to have you here.
      I honestly hope that you won’t need to consider buying this (or any similar) product for a long-long time.
      But, if you ever do, I hope this one will be still available, as it could really give you and them the safety of knowing you can successfully be reached at any time in case of any emergency.
      I’d certainly appreciate a first hand review from you.
      All the best Tom,

  3. I love that it also works when there is a power cut. This is important, imagine there’s a hurricane or another natural phenomenon and there is no electricity because of it … That’s why it’s great that this personal alarm works on batteries as well.
    The fact that it does not accept voice mail is also great. I wonder how they programmed it to do that, but it is essential that the machine recognizes a human being at the other end of the line. This looks like a very effective and functional alarm.

    • A very good point Christine! It surely gives an additional peace of mind. And the batteries will be used only when there actually is a power cut, so no need for frequent changes.
      They actually achieved being sure it was a real person fairly simply, They built in a function to stop dialing only if someone (a real person) acknowledges the call by pressing a button on the keypad on their phone.
      Thank you for the comment and for the (implied) question.
      All the best

  4. Julius

    Awesome review, keep it going! Would you recommend this next to the higher budget options as well, or this would be a good budget option?

    Also, kinda worried about the splash resistant rating. Many times this is advertised but it’s not cleared what level of water resistance this actually provides.

    • Thank you Julius!
      There are many devices with similar functions which are much more expensive. So, I’d say this one carried the day in it’s own category, with quite nice features, having so many and that good reviews.
      Devices with more functionality, and much higher prices are out on the market, as well and I’ll be also covering some, but I think this one deserved to be the first, being such a good value for money.
      As for the splash resistance-let me put it this way: wearing the pendant, one can have a shower. Wearing a wristband, one may wash the dishes (if not submerging it in water), and if not having anyone else to do it 😉
      I hope this answers your question.

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