SnoreMD Review

Material: Dental grade copolymers-BPA and latex free

Price: £89.00

Money back guarantee: 30 days

Where to buy: Amazon, as the price is much higher on the manufacturer’s site

An Overview of SnoreMD

When sleeping, our body is relaxed. So are the soft tissues of our airways. When these muscles are too relaxed, they will fail to keep the air passages fully open, so the air trying to pass through a narrower path will cause the vibration of surrounding tissues and the dreaded snoring sound.

How dreadful exactly it can be, usually only the partners know, who sleep (or mostly not) side by side with a snorer. When the airway is kept free of obstruction, the body gets the proper oxygen it needs throughout the night to allow for a more restful night’s sleep and an energized day after it.

SnoreMD can be a relieving solution for many.

What Is SnoreMD

SnoreMD is a device that can hold the lower jaw in a slightly forward position, thus keeping open the air way, despite the collapsed or too relaxed neck muscles, which cause restricted airflow. It helps the wearer to breathe easier while sleeping at night, eliminating so the dreaded sound of snoring.

SnoreMD is a registered, Class 1 Medical device with the Australian Government, Therapeutic Goods Administration, meaning it is less evasive than some other snoring devices

(Class 1 medical devices are devices with low or moderate risk to patient health and safety, invasiveness in the human body, like band aids, stethoscopes, hydrogen peroxide…)

The dental grade copolymers used mean that the SnoreMD is made from high quality materials and long-lasting.

SnoreMD has a built in cushioned layer which ensure it is gentle on your teeth.

Who Is SnoreMD For

-Nasal, throat snorers-as it opens the throat and nasal airflows, it will be a helpful device for those who suffer from either nasal or throat snoring.

-OSA patients-An obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is usually treated by a Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. Not everyone can stand it, however. Some people find it uncomfortable, and some are uncomfortable being seen with it by their partner. The SnoreMDcan be an easy, suitable, elegant and affordable solution to ensure peaceful sleeping.

How Does SnoreMD Work

The technique behind the SnoreMD is called ‘mandibular re positioning’ or pushing the lower jaw in a slightly forward position, which will keep the airway open and prevent the tongue from collapsing into the throat.


My SnoreMD Review

There are other mouth guard devices on the market. This one stands out for its design for continuous adjustability, the durability of the materials used, the certified status, the affordability and the outstanding customer service.

Its fitting is pretty simple. A dish of boiling water is all you need for the start, as, after exactly 30 seconds of keeping it in and just a few seconds in cold water to avoid burning your gums, you place it in your mouth and keep for another 30 seconds. That’s it, the device is moulded to the shape of your mouth.

Once moulded, it still allows you to experiment as much as you want, to re position it back and forth whenever needed, to fit your current needs. No necessity to remould it each time you’d like to adjust the opening between jaws.

There is a detailed instruction coming with the device (and a video available on their website), so you will know exactly how to do it. Still, if you accidentally over boil it in an attempt to mould it, during the 30-day guarantee you are covered, as you’ll be sent a replacement, free of charge.

As the upper and the lower part can be detached, it’s very easy to thoroughly clean it with a toothbrush and a mild toothpaste and put back into its own box.

SnoreMD can be used by those who grind their teeth as SnoreMD holds your teeth in place during the night, and there is enough cushioning material between the teeth to keep the teeth slightly apart, just enough to prevent grinding. SnoreMD can even replace the current mouth guard being used for grinding.

Only if we knew this before. My husband used to grind his teeth a few years ago and went through months and months of uncomfortable, sometimes painful exercises to get rid of it.

Due to its construction, it is not suitable for wearing if you have a full denture, however. With them on, they may not keep SnoreMD in a secure position, and taking them out, there may not be enough hold between SnoreMD and your gums for a secure position. Having a partial denture, with enough teeth in the front to hold the device securely in place may be suitable for wearing SnoreMD.

You can read some reviews on Amazon

SnoreMD Pros

-TGA Registered – Therapeutic Goods Administration

-Clinically Certified

-30 days money back guarantee. Or replacement, by your choice. Even when you

accidentally over boil the device

-12 month manufacturer’s warranty

-can replace an anti-grinding mouth guard

-high quality material

-easy to clean

-affordable price, compared to dentist-made guards, which can cost several times more

-much more suitable to take it with you on travel than the CPAP machine

SnoreMD Cons

-not suitable for people with full dentures

-some people need more than a couple of days to get used to it

Final Thoughts

SnoreMD can be the solution for many snorers or the ones who are forced to listen the sound, night after night. Being registered, of high quality and clinically certified, it is already worth of trying. More soever, as it is backed up by a trial period of 30 day money back guarantee, everyone can decide whether this is the one device that will calm down the nights and fill them with healthy sleep, instead of unwanted sound and tension around it.

Do you perhaps happen to own one already, or you are thinking of obtaining a helping device? I think you do not need to look further, but to get hold of the SnoreMD. Do you share my opinion? Any experience or suggestion? Let me know in the comments below-I’ll appreciate it and someone might find it helpful.

And, as always, feel free to reach out should you have any question and I’ll be happy to give you an answer to the best of my knowledge.


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  1. Femi Asaolu


    I’m a snorer so I can identify with the information you have shared. Thank you for taking us through the condition and for your recommendation.

    I once used a similar snore aid to address my snoring – with limited success.

    What really helps with mine – though not totally eradicating my snoring – is sealing my mouth with a 3M surgical tape when going to sleep. Apparently, I snore with my mouth open. And when this happens I’m breathing in too much air which is also a bad thing. Tess Graham has written a great deal about it in her book, ‘relief from snoring’.

    All the same – this product will help many. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Femi, I haven’t read the book you mention so far, I’ll have a look.
      What an unusual method with a tape. It must have taken some time to get used to your lips be literally “sealed”-but if it works for you-that’s good.
      There are cases where a mouthpiece is not enough or not the ideal solution, and I’m sorry it happened to you.
      That’s also why I was happy to see that SnoreMD comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, so everyone can decide during those 30 days of wearing it, whether this device is for them or not.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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