1. Wow! This is great! I love the fall detect system. When you fall it is not always possible to make a call, so that system can be a lifesaver, and at the cost it is a great deal. I find the Responsenow reasonably priced and with everything you are getting you can be assured that your loved ones are taken care off. Especially now that we still can’t leave the house that often, it would be good to use this device, to have peace of mind. Too bad it is only available in the US for now; I hope that maybe in the near future it will be available in other countries too.

    • I am glad you find it great, as I was delighted as well, when I found them! And indeed, having that peace of mind, not worrying each and every moment of what if…that gives you the freedom to live your life normally, as a matter of fact, to both you and your loved one. Being available only in USA-yes, that was my first in Cons list, as well. What a shame you can’t subscribe in other countries yet. I do hope they will consider widening their area of operation soon.

  2. Lena

    Thanks for the review. I think ResponseNow Medical Alert is a really good product for elderly people living alone, and it is at affordable prices. Certainly will recommend it for someone who needs it.

  3. This is a very in-depth review of the Response Now medical alert system. With these amazing products, it’s easier for the elderly to maintain their independence, while still having the health care assistance they need.
    These products will make life a lot easier for many families, and alleviate any worries about the safety of their parents, and grandparents.

    The Belle plus seems like a great overall package, and reasonably priced. I like the pendant, and think it’s quite innovative how they designed it.

    • Hi Mikhail, I agree, being sure you (or your loved one) can reach help whenever it is needed is in my opinion priceless. However, this medical alert system is truly one piece of mind peace given to the caregiver and to the user in the same time, at a very reasonable price.
      Response Now says the Belle package is the most popular, but Belle plus is an excellent choice where someone might fall and not be able to push the button.
      Thank you for your comment.
      All the best,

  4. My mom had one that she wore around her neck that would call 911 when she pushed the button. She had asthma and it was likely that if she was having an attack there would be little to no talking. She lived in a small town so the people within the volunteer rescue squad knew her medical condition. I know at least once it saved her life because she had stopped breathing by the time the rescue squad got there.

    • Yes, an alert system can make all the difference between going away and staying alive, as either the help is there in time, as for your Mom, or sadly not.
      From the tone of your comment, however, I fear your Mom is not with us from some point anymore…and I’m sorry if I’m right.
      Thank you for sharing this with us, Les.

  5. Medical Alert in my opinion is the best gift you can give to any senior on your shopping list, and with Christmas approaching once again this could be a possibility high on your list.

    You could give this for a birthday or just anytime because you want to protect your senior loved ones, so seriously consider Medical Alert it could one day save a loved one’s life

    • I’m glad we agree on that Jeff and thank you for sharing your opinion. It certainly can give a peace of mind, both for the caregiver and the cared for loved one! And, exactly, it might make all the difference of losing or having that loved one for many more years around.
      Thank you for putting it this straightforward.

  6. Greg

    I have been wondering about this product because of my grandmother. I have not done my research to know what others are out there. I am pleased to see that the equipment is not an extra cost. The monthly fees are very reasonable, so when I do order it, then I know it will be easy and affordable.
    Thank you for your review.

    • You will find a number of companies offering similar services, with a variety of prices and very often, besides the obligation to buy the device, also nonsense charges, like activation or starter fee, or limited number of pressing the panic button, with pricey over limit alerts, or even with a SIM card registered overseas, so each and every call is international, and so on. It is worth of a good research, before you make your final choice. As for ResponseNow, you might want to read and see some users reviews here

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