1. Sandi

    The best part of this amazing article, and the wealth of information is amazing, but the list of things to do to protect your eye health. For instance I did not know that smoking affects the health of the eye. Nor did I completely understand how a daily vitamin will improve eye health.

    I now understand how I need to do a better job taking care of my eyes if I want my eyesight to last my entire life. Thank you for this very informative article.

    • Kerryanne

      Thank you very much for your approving comment. Unfortunately, we all tend to take our eyesight for granted, up to a point when it deteriorates and it isn’t just granted anymore. While writing the article I kind of hoped it will help someone to realise how eyes, as one of our most precious organs also need proper care, as any other in our bodies if we want them to serve us as long as we live, as you very well pointed out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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