1. Sleep is incredibly important I found this out the hard way working 84 hour weeks and shift work. It can have a massive impact on your health and well being, I think more people should be aware of just how much impact a good nights sleep can make! I use the Headspace app to fall asleep sometimes or try and get some exercise done in the afternoons to wear the body out a bit to make it easier to sleep, even just a walk can make a big difference in how you sleep in the afternoons. My mother has always had trouble sleeping due to her antidepressant medications, I hope one day science and technology can figure out a way to solve depression as it plagues much of society and is a leading cause for personal and financial loss that is often overlooked. I really enjoyed this piece, keep up the lovely work.

    • Kerryanne

      Thank you, I’m happy if you did. I couldn’t agree more with you, when it comes to the importance of a good sleep and its overall impact on people’s health. While we are young, we do not feel it, so we take it for granted that it will always be like that. However, it gets worse as we age. It’s usually not until a bad sleep has a huge influence on us that we start thinking of it, let alone trying to improve it.
      Unfortunately, a side effect of some antidepressant drugs may seriously deteriorate sleep quality in treated patients, while other class of these may improve sleeping, but have other side effects, so it is important to discuss these with your doctor.
      Many research scientists are working on depression and I also hope we’ll have a better solution soon, so many people as your Mum can get good nights of sleep. All the best to both of you.

  2. Jasmere

    This was actually extremely helpful as I have family members who are older that have sleeping issues so I’m glad that I came across this. I didn’t know that it’s recommended that you get up after 20 minutes if you can’t fail sleep, that’s pretty new to me. There were a lot of things pointed out that I didn’t know actually. My questions for you are is it possible for these same problems to present themselves in people who are not as up there in age? And what are your thoughts on meditation for sleep?

    • Kerryanne

      Sorry to hear about sleeping issues in your family, and glad if the article will provide some help in resolving those.
      Actually, sleeping problems are more often than we would normally think, until someone close to us has to deal with them. So, yes, at almost any age the very necessary sleep can be disturbed and become an issue. The causes can be somewhat different though in those much younger. Think about stress-caused insomnia, for example. It might be pretty common at age of 40-60, even 65 if still working. Here also the cause should be addressed first and if under control, very often, the sleeping itself gets automatically better.
      Meditation can help in many ways, so can with sleeping as well. A lot of meditative music can be found on Youtube, for instance. Different technics has been developed-with or without music, with or without guidance, etc. and it would deserve a post on it’s own. It needs some practice to reach the routine where you can calm your mind and get your whole body close to the state in which it is just before you fall asleep, but it is definitely worth of trying if you suffer regularly from sleeplessness, especially if caused by a brain overload.

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