1. Hey Keryanne, I enjoyed reading this article, and frankly, I was a little surprised to know the amazing benefits of dark chocolate.
    I like chocolate, especially in bad-mood times.
    I don’t know whether the chocolate I ate was dark chocolate or not because it’s brown and a bit dark. And the taste is not sweet, but I like it because my teeth can not stand food that is too sweet.
    I thought I would look for dark chocolate in the online store, usually, they provide it.
    I’m grateful for this information, however. It’s really fun and encouraging that consuming chocolate is quite good, even extraordinary considering the benefits of dark chocolate.
    I’m sorry, I wanted to ask, is Milo’s original product also dark chocolate? Because I like it too. Lol!
    Oh yeah, I’ve also been to Amazon to see the dark chocolate you reviewed. Great! I love that.
    Kerryanne, thanks again for sharing this article, and bye!

    • Hi Sylvia, I’m really glad you enjoyed the article. I am a chocolate lover, as well and you are quite right, it is capable of improving your mood very quickly (mostly because it will trigger endorphine release). It is also good in many other ways if you choose and consume it smartly.
      I have to dissapoint you, unfortunately regarding Milo. It is loaded with sugar (46%), not the highest , though, as Nesquick has a whopping 80%,Cadbury 77%, but still, half of the powder is sugar, either added or natural from the rest of ingredients. It has a pretty low content of cocoa solids, unlike dark chocolate, which will mostly consist of it. It is packed with vitamins, though. But, sadly, it is not dark chocolate.

  2. Ashley

    Woooow…very insightful and informative!
    I had no idea of the benefits of dark chocolate. I actually don’t like dark chocolate. I can’t remember why but I think it was nasty but I will definitely have to retry it.
    I can imagine if I eat small amounts more often it will grow on me like green tea did.
    I definitely will be passing this on!
    Great article!!!


    • Thank you Ashley for your kind words!
      If I’ll be honest, I also grew up with milk chocolate, or the white one. But, the thing is, when you start eating dark chocolate, you gradually get used to the rich chocolate, i.e. cocoa flavour, which you very strongly feel the lack of in milk chocolate later. At least, that’s how it happened with me.
      Give it a try, it certainly can grow on you! Good luck!

  3. Hi Kerryanne,

    This is a great article. I like chocolate. But my favorite is actually dark chocolate. So, it is great that it has a lot of healthy properties. I never realized that it can actually be used as a way to lose weight. How interesting.


    • Hi Amanda,
      surprising, isn’t is? Having chocolate to lose weight. When you think again,though, it can be quite logical, can’t it? Our body responds to our nutrition, and by the right quantity of this little treat, it can be a little “tricked” sometimes…

  4. Chocolate, mmmm, I love it. I hardly buy bars anymore though, because I can’t be sure what is in it. My husband (who is the cook in the house, lucky me) has a great recipe for sugarfree, glutenfree, lactosefree and fatfree chocolate cake. He makes it regularly and that way we can be sure the ingredients are pure and organic. Delicious 🙂
    (Coincidently one of my posts of next week have a link to that recipe!)

    • Oh, great, I love to collect and try new recipes, but in our house I’m the cook and my husband is the taster. I’ll let you know how much he loves your husband’s recipe once I try it out. Looking forward to it…Mmmm….

  5. Hi there,
    I enjoyed reading this especially when it is about chocolate.
    I have always love dark chocolate but have yet to try the 85 or 90%.
    I’m bringing this piece of good news to my mother!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Do try the higher percentage, you’ll be surprised how flavourful it is!
      Hopefully your Mom will enjoy it, too.
      Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment.

  6. Hi Kerryanne,

    Thank you for sharing.

    To be honest, I love milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate because it is sweeter. However, I think I should eat a bit more of dark chocolate. As you said in the article, dark chocolate is good for our health, especially for our cardiovascular system. In my city, cardiovascular disease and heart disease are very common. I think it is because of our diets. Therefore, I’m quite worried about my health sometimes.
    So, thank you for the information about dark chocolate. By the way, it is quite interesting for using dark chocolate for chocolate skin therapy. I never try it before.

    All the best,


    • Hi Alex, many people are more fond of the sweeter, milky kind, which is sort of understandable, as we usually grow up used to more sweet flavours.
      However, once you decide to have a healthier nutrition, including chocolate, you can enjoy this, still a bit sweet treat and benefits instead of harms, with the unhealthy types. Especially if you are concerned about your cardiovascular risks, this can be an excellent addition, as chocolate compounds do have a great effect on arteries and heart health.
      As for the bitterness, after a while you will notice more of the full taste of cocoa, than that of sugar.
      As for the chocolate skin therapy-were you a woman, you’d probably have heard about it somewhere already 😉
      All the best

  7. Dark chocolate is definitely something I have grown to love. I never used to like it but now I simply adore it, especially if it’s flavoured, particularly honeycomb. I also really enjoy raw cacao and adding honey to it to sweeten it. Like you say, it’s packed with antioxidants 🙂 So interesting what you said about it having anti-aging effects, I am pleased to have another good reason to eat chocolate. I think Audrey Hepburn was also a fan of dark chocolate, as she was known to be in the habit of eating a few squares daily. Thanks for all the information, there was a lot of benefits that I didn’t even know about. A couple of squares of dark chocolate a day is such a great habit to have, thank you for bringing my attention to it 🙂

    • I’m really glad you had a lot to take away from my writing!
      I did not know that bout Audrey Hapburn, but I looked it up now that you mentioned it. She definitely loved dark chocolate, and ate it even in the evening. Thanks for bringing this up.
      I also used to be more a fan of sweet, milk or white chocolate,or even sweet hot chocolate, but with time, I joined my husband, who has always loved the dark one more. And, as you say, knowing it is beneficial, I also grew to love it.
      Thank you for being here and commenting.

  8. Hi, my grandmother loves dark chocolate. It’s all she eats, she doesn’t like it too sweet like milk chocolate. I’ve always found dark too bitter for my taste, but I’ll eat it with her. Glad to see her still healthy and fit, but your article has made me a bit more alert about the amount that she eats, I’ll keep a lookout for the ingredients you mentioned too the next time I look for some dark chocolate. Thanks 🙂

    • I’m glad your Granny is healthy and fit, eating dark chocolate. She must have been doing it the right way then.
      Dark chocolate is a bit bitter, especially if your taste buds are used to the sweet, sugary varieties. If you switch to the dark ones, pretty soon you’ll find it even more tasty, with more pronounced flavour of chocolate, instead of sugar.
      Perhaps you could treat yourself with a good quality chocolate once and give it a try?
      All the best

  9. You have written a great article about the health benefits of real, dark chocolate. It is very informative and explains the pro´s and con´s extremely well.

    I know about most of the health benefits you have described, but what stands out from your article is the reference to studies of the effect of chocolate.

    I know about the effect on arthritis is also known to me from before as I have a condition of arthritis my self, and use chocolate to alleviate my pain

    What I didn´t know, was the effect in relation to diabetes and insulin.

    The description of what you should be looking for of content in the chocolate you eat is very good advice.

    Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you for your very kind words, Roy.
      I do like to do a thorough research before putting anything “on paper”, and I think someone might want to learn more, so I include references I can find.
      Surprising, the diabetics could and should have some dark chocolate, isn’t it? My husband is a diabetic and he does have dark chocolate regularly. Mostly 85% or higher.
      I’m super glad it helps you with arthritis pain and you shared it, this will be valuable to other readers, as well.
      All the best, with your next purchase of dark chocolate, as well-now you know exactly what to look for.

  10. Ivan

    Thanks for sharing this informative article. I’m not consuming that much chocolate at all, but after reading your article here, I’m going to start eating more dark chocolate. I do agree with you, though. Like with all things, we should eat a moderate amount of dark chocolate. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Ivan, absolutely! Too much could be counterproductive. “No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut. ~Channing Pollock” Very true with chocolate as well, but is absolutely necessary, if you want to maintain your health.
      Thank you for your approving comment!

  11. As a chocolate lover I enjoyed this post. Though I mostly eat milk chocolate, I also enjoy dark as well. It’s good to hear about the health benefits of it especially anti-inflammatory. I follow a very healthy diet that’s meat free, so don’t feel so bad about indulging in a chocolate treat:) Thank you for sharing:)

    • Thank you for popping in Kathy. I’m glad there is someone who does not feel guilty when having chocolate. I know I used to, until I found about these benefits. So, here’s to our healthy, sweet treat.

  12. This is a beautifully written article on dark chocolate benefits. i totally agree with you that it is very helpful to protect skin from tanning and also helps in weight-loss.
    The way you have explained every fact is indeed great and also it is a healthy product for us to use.
    I think you would have a lot of people visiting your website and gaining from your experience and knowledge about the topic.



    • Thank you Aparna for your kind comment. I’m glad you find it great and I certainly hope many people will benefit from my writing. That would be quite a nice reward.

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