Ctronic Dual Antenna Security Camera review-a safe way of feeling safe in your home

Ctronic Dual Antenna Security Camera review

Ctronic Dual Antenna Security Camera

Camera: 1080P HD & Superb Night Vision Effect

Price: £85.99

Camera lens: 3.6mm

Angle: 130°

Audio: two-way

Built-in battery: 10400mA

Antenna: 4DB External Dual Antenna

Weatherproof rating: IP66

WiFi Support: 2.4G

Card storage: up to 128GB micro SD (sold separately)

Cloud storage: optional,

Sold at: Amazon, or Ctronic’s online shop, where it is more expensive ($127.99)

Video: can be watched here


Being still able to live independently doesn’t mean older people are not concerned about their safety more and more as they age. And you can’t even blame them for feeling so, as researches show the elderly population is being more vulnerable to crime than other age groups, mostly because they are socially isolated, tend to live in urban areas, depend on public transportation, and follow predictable behavior patterns. Burglars are certainly seeing them as an easier target, due to the age-caused physical and mental weaknesses. So, it is always a good idea to upgrade safety in home.

Setting up smart security cameras with built-in intelligent movement detectors that only detect human movement lets you and your loved ones to check what’s going on around their home without having to go out to check. If someone uninvited comes to the door, you can always take look on your mobile before you decide whether to answer or not. With cameras that can pick up and register humanoid movement, you can be sure no one can stay unnoticed, even if the person did not exactly ring the bell.

What are the qualities of a security camera you should be looking for?

-Field of view is important, as it is not the same if you will watch a wide yard or only a narrow hallway.

-Range of resolution can vary from the lower 480p to 1080p, for a better-detailed footage.

-Night vision can provide a possibility to see what’s happening even in the darkest dark.

-Motion detection, especially if humanoid contour detection feature is available.

-Not all cameras can record any audio at all, and even fewer provide the possibility of two-way audio, or communication to the person in front of the camera.

-Battery powered security cameras are easy to DIY setup, and easy to place anywhere you want them, but you’ll want to check the frequency of battery charges or changes.

-Connecting the cameras to an app usually allows you to have a look right away whenever a motion is detected and be in a better control of your visitors, expected or unexpected. This, however is not always simple.

-Cost-some cameras come with a long list of features and a huge price tag (many hundreds of pounds), so you’ll want to check whether you need all those features or you can do with a solid, but not that pricey camera.

-Many surveillance cameras require cables to carry the signal, which could be quite a problem. If you are not an electrician, DIY installation for such cameras may become difficult. The problem is even bigger if power source is not available at the place where you intent to mount the camera (high up on the ceiling or under the roof).

Ctronic Dual Antenna Security Camera is completely wireless, operated by rechargeable batteries, twice as big as the most of its competitors and it can continue to work in PIR motion detection mode for 1 months. Records and warns only when motion is detected, so battery power is never wasted. The detection system is reliable and differentiates humanoid contour from others when the function is turned on, so insects, leaves, the wind and similar will not trigger it. The app on the mobile will receive a warning and an identification of the intruder. At the same time the home screen can be seen and recording is triggered, stored on an SD card, which needs to be purchased separately. Installation of the app onto either Android 4.0 and up or iOS 7 and up mobile devices, is quick and easy-it can be done in 5 minutes with the help of very clear instructions provided. The level of the battery energy can be monitored through the app. Whenever remaining energy level drops below 20% the camera sends a notification to the app. With its double antenna, it also has a strong and reliable WiFi signal as, reviewers also point out.

The fact that it has two-way audio built in, i.e a microphone and speakers enables talking to, for example the delivery guy or the milkman, without need to open the door, through your mobile, even if you are far-far away from there.

The Ctronics home security camera supports up to 128G micro SD card storage and there are options of using cloud storage, as well. Whenever SD card is fully recorded, the new recording will over write the existing one.

When you want to see who is standing in front of your door at night, even in extremely low light conditions this wireless outdoor camera is capable of capturing all the details, as far as at distance of up to 20 m.

IP (or Ingress Protection”) ratings are used to precisely define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt, dust…) and moisture. This camera has IP66 rating, which means “dust tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water, which further means it has successfully passed numerous requirements and tests for water tightness and resistance to dust and bad weather.

Finally, it has 244 reviews on Amazon, with 88% of buyers who rated it as a 5 star. You can definitely consider having one for your loved ones’ and your own peace of mind, at a very reasonable price.

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