1. Hi Kerry,

    This is so true. Having a great list of things to do in leisure time for our elderly folks is important for both of their physical and mental well being.
    I met a retired teacher from volunteering for an NGO that helps refugees to settle in Arizona. She introduced me to an international Folk Dancing group here in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the members are retired. I am one of the youngest members there.
    I can see how happy and healthy they are when they dance. Some of them are so good at quick and tough dancing moves from Bulgarian dancing, etc.
    Besides folk dancing, that friend also loves walking in the park and visiting Botanical Garden. She lives alone in her house for years (never getting married) and yet she does not seem to look lonely and depressed. All because she is active and chooses to do things that she loves doing. Including going to the senior gym and taking writing and photography classes. She inspired me to be active and do meaningful stuff like her when I grow old later. 🙂

    • Hi Ferra, dancing is a great activity for everyone, younger or older. Everyone can do it in their own pace. It is relaxing, fulfilling, brings joy.
      Your friend seems to have found a way to have a well balanced life, being active and having leisure time simultaneously. She really is a good example and can very well be a raw model to you.
      Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

  2. Kerryanne,
    This is a wonderful article. I can truly resonate with everything you wrote because my sister and I have been talking care of our 87 year old mom who suffered a brain bleed in 2018. It very quickly pushed her into the dementia stage and we are trying to find activities for her to become involved in that might help her. Something on a daily basis for a few hours so she’s not sitting around the house and wasting away. She needs physical and mental stimulation.
    This article is a wonderful help.

    Best regards,

    • Thank you very much Barbara, I’m glad you found it useful, but sorry for your Mom. Taking care of someone with dementia can be a very challenging task and it does need a lot of attention to brain and body training, indeed. As a matter of fact I think I’ll write soon a new post exactly about dementia and how to help your loved one who suffers from it. Thank you for the idea.
      Hopefully, you’ll find even more ideas in that article. looking forward to your opinion on that.
      All the best,

  3. Kerryanne,
    As an older person, left the everyday workforce five years ago, I am always looking for ways to keep active. An injury to my foot tow years ago stopped a lot of activities that I enjoyed.
    After looking at your list I think I can resume some of the previous things I liked to do. I like to walk and never thought of an audiobook while I walked.
    Now that eating in restaurants is not in, we get takeout and find a park to eat at, this is a great way to get outside and see different areas.

    • Hi John, a grat idea the picnic with take out, in a park. You can even meet with others, as long as they are occupying the next bench, with a proper distance 😉
      I love having an audiobook at my walks. The main reason is that in my mind, walking is still somehow spending time in vain, so I make that time useful, by “reading”. I always prepare in advance what I’m going to listen. I try to have a few different options, depending on whether I’m in a mood to learn, be entertained, or listen to a good crime story…That way I do not even notice when I complete my 10000 steps.
      I am happy if my text prompted you to rethink all the activities you can return to 😉
      All the best,

  4. I think this is a great article! Motivation is something that can easily get lost as we all age and i am glad to see others trying to give it a boost up for your health!
    I know as I age, my body becomes more stiff the more time I do not do anything. So go out and enjoy you day, everyday!
    Keep Being AMAZING!

    • admin

      Thank you Brendaliz! Exactly, we should enjoy our days, the best we can! Especially when we get older and the joys are not that frequent on their own.
      All the best,

  5. A very extensive list, Kerryanne, wow. Apart from making collages and dreamboards, I combine 2 activities on a daily basis:
    I try not to sit too much, so every half hour I walk through the house for 10 minutes while reading a book.
    Socializing is really important and I used to go to several groups on a weekly basis. COVID will have more impact than the illness alone – my social life is quite poor at the moment. Sich a pity.

    • I do my long walks with an audiobook-never thought of combining actual reading with walking. It sounds as a very good technique Hannie, reading a book while walking. Provided you have a clear path and you don’t hit anything while walking ;). But the every half an hour walk is a very sound advice, thank you for adding it.
      And, yes, our social lives as they used to be, seem like a very distant memory now and also a very distant goal in the future, unfortunately…
      Although it’s not the same in no way, we are still lucky to have the internet…

  6. Thank you so much for this article. I am sure many elderly will benefit from the advice here.
    I will show this advice to my grandparents.
    The problem nowadays is this pandemic. Elderly are spending less and less time with their family and friends and this does not help their mental health and well-being.
    Let’s hope for better times soon.

    • You are very welcome, Yoana. I hope your grandparents will find it useful.
      It does make you think it over, doesn’t it… We are shielding our elderly, as there’s a real danger for their physical health outside. In the same time, we are neglecting by it their mental health as they become more and more isolated and lonely-which will at the end reflect also on their physical health. We can’t be wise enough, can we?
      Thank you for your comment and all the best,

  7. I like the quote fro Goerge Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” I think this sums up life nicely.
    Great list. I am trying to encourage my mum, who is 87, to try some new things. Although very active, she is a little bored sometimes, so I thought some new activities or adventures would keep her mentally and physically stimulated. I will send your post through to her and see if anything sparks her interest.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Andrew, yes, it absolutely does! The moment you think playing is not for you any more, as you are too old for it, you really became old, whatever age you actually are. I do like being that child and I can still enjoy a cartoon or dressing up a doll with our 3 year old neighbour.
      I hope your Mom will find something in this list, or at least will be inspired for some new ideas of her own, to try.
      All the best,

  8. Ivan

    Thanks very much for sharing the ideas! There are tons of leisure activities one can be involved, both seniors and younger people. I personally like outdoor activities more than indoor ones, but no doubt, any sort of leisure activity is beneficial to ones mental and physical hearth. I got some great ideas from this post, so thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work!

    • Exactly Ivan, we could go on and on with this list almost endlessly. I hope these will spark some new ideas in the readers’ mind, though, as I hope they did in yours.
      Thank you for your kind comment!
      All the best,

  9. Chuck

    You know what Kerryanne? I think these should be listed for adults of all ages these days. People (including me) get cooked up inside, sitting in front of the computer and avoiding social situations way too easily these days.

    No wonder that both mental and physical health in aduls is at an all time low. We were meant to socialize, do interesting physical activities and move in nature. But with the covid this has become only a bigger issues.

    Thanks for the great activity ideas!

    “Who is responsible for your time and your state of mind, health? You, only.” On that note, it’s time to close up the computer and head to the park with my dog!

    • Oh, you made my day! Glad my writing inspired you to do something different than just “get cooked up inside”. We are social being, indeed. It’s just we easily forget it amongst all the technology that seemingly brings us company (tv, internet…) The virus danger does not help, either, you are right. Still, we need to do what’s best for us and that’s certainly bring some real joy into our lives.
      Thank you for your comment, Chuck!
      All the best,

  10. Pablo

    What a sweet and well put together information in this post.
    I am really glad that I can share this with my elders, this is something that they will really enjoy.
    Is very good to come across this kind of posts, especially when some of the activities for our elders has been really disturbed by this year’s events, the list of indoor ones really comes in handy.
    So good on you to put this together and to help the seniors find some things to do even in times of limitation.
    Some may be luckier to be something outdoors (depending on each individual geographical status), some not so, but surely the list of leisure activities for elderly here has something for everyone.

    • Thank you, Pablo, that basically is the intention of this website-to help the elderly and their children deal with everyday issues that aging brings. It seems we are facing another wave of the pandemic, so we will indeed be very limited, and our elderly even more so.
      I’m glad if you find this useful for your parents, as well.
      All the best,

  11. Deb

    Hi Kerryanne, great article. I agree that leisure activities are important at any age but perhaps more so as we age. Also in this COVID environment, most people are at higher risk of a sedentary lifestyle and the health risks associated with that. My husband(58)and I(55) are quickly approaching our senior years and we maintain an active lifestyle here in Canada. We love to sail, hike, rock climb, bicycle, and in winter we enjoy walking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. I read an article recently about a woman who began rock climbing in her 70’s and has climbed Everest in her 8-‘s, she didn’t summit but what an inspiring story. What are your favorite activities

    • Hi Deb, it looks like you are doing everything you can to really include an active leisure into your life and it is so nice to hear that. Incredible what a human is capable of with a right mindset and determination, isn’t it?
      I never tried to rock climb, I must admit, but adore walking in nature or riding a bicycle. In The Netherlands, where our daughter is studying, there is a high hill, with a road for bicycles. It is a pretty steep one and presents a hell of an activity if one can ride up it. But, the view is fantastic, and still faster than by foot, so we do it each time we visit.

  12. Hey,

    I am so pleased I came across this article because I need to share this with my parents. They are retired and still fit and well, they just need to do more things and be more creative.

    I am going to pass your list on to them and I am going to help them set up some of the things they want to do. I would love them to be more active and go on more adventures together.

    Thank you for sharing and I will keep you updated on how my parents go.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    • Thank you Tom, I’m so glad you are. I really hope your parents enjoy these articles you are sending them and can find some good take away from them.
      It is great to have you coming back and commenting, thank you.
      All the best,

  13. This is a great article and a very important topic, especially in light of our current situation. My mom and dad have been very careful to practice social distancing because of their age but it has also meant that they have neglected to spend time doing the things that enjoy. So today, my mom mentioned that she and my dad got out to take their dog for a walk in the park. I was so happy that they took the time to do that again. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you for your comment, Melissa. Your Mom and dad are making a wise choice by distancing, but it is also good to implement some sort of enjoyable activity, as we all need some uplifting feelings in these times.
      All the best

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